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BusinessMarketingUncategorised1 September 2023by Steven Oakes0Navigating the Customer Journey with the ‘See-Think-Do-Care’ Framework

Discover how the 'See-Think-Do-Care' framework can revolutionise your customer engagement and marketing strategies. Learn from real-world applications of this model with renowned clients like Stoves Cookers and Hitachi, and see how it transcends traditional marketing funnels by providing a more nuanced, data-driven approach to the customer journey.

In the modern marketing landscape, a data-driven, customer-centric approach is vital. This importance is why the ‘See-Think-Do-Care’ framework developed by Google’s Avinash Kaushik has become an indispensable tool in my toolkit. I have successfully applied this model to enhance marketing strategies for clients like Stoves Cookers, Northcoders and Hitachi, helping them to better understand their customer journeys and achieve meaningful engagement and conversions.

What is the ‘See-Think-Do-Care’ Framework?

This framework aims to map out the customer journey comprehensively, from awareness to conversion and beyond. It consists of four key stages:

  1. See: Focused on broad brand awareness.
  2. Think: Targeting consumers who are considering their options.
  3. Do: Strategies aimed at consumers who are ready to purchase.
  4. Care: Focused on maintaining customer loyalty and building advocates.
‘See’ – Creating Awareness

The ‘See’ stage is about gaining visibility. When working with Stoves Cookers, for instance, we utilised content marketing strategies and social media advertising to elevate brand awareness.

  • Use content marketing to provide value.
  • Leverage social media for broad reach.
  • Implement SEO to improve visibility.
‘Think’ – Nurturing Consideration

This is the stage where your target audience is contemplating their options. For Hitachi, targeted email marketing campaigns and retargeting efforts were exceptionally effective in engaging this consumer segment.

  • Develop targeted email marketing campaigns.
  • Use retargeting techniques.
  • Offer educational content to assist in decision-making.
‘Do’ – Driving Action

The ‘Do’ phase is where conversion-focused strategies come into play. By using strong call-to-action elements and time-sensitive promotions, I helped clients like Stoves Cookers dramatically increase their conversion rates.

  • Employ strong CTAs.
  • Provide time-sensitive promotions.
  • Simplify the purchase process to minimise cart abandonment.
‘Care’ – Building Loyalty

Post-purchase, the focus turns to maintaining and even growing the customer relationship. With Hitachi, for example, personalised follow-up emails and loyalty programs played a pivotal role in transforming customers into brand advocates.

  • Personalise follow-up communications.
  • Implement loyalty programs.
  • Seek customer feedback to improve.
How It Differs from Traditional Models

The ‘See-Think-Do-Care’ framework stands out from traditional sales funnels by recognising that the customer journey is more complex and less linear than previously thought. It also incorporates the critical element of post-purchase engagement, often overlooked in other models.


The ‘See-Think-Do-Care’ framework offers a more nuanced and effective approach to customer engagement and conversion. It has proven successful in my work with clients like Stoves Cookers and Hitachi, helping them to navigate the complexities of the modern customer journey. By adapting your strategies to fit these four key stages, you are more likely to create lasting relationships and achieve long-term business growth.

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